Turnisce Castle

In the idyllic nature, only a few hundred meters of the airline away from the historic centre of Ptuj, near the spring of the stream Studencnica and by the lake in the middle of the park with several hundred years old trees, we can find castle Turnisce. The castle and the park are protected as cultural monuments of national importance. The municipality of Ptuj wishes to revitalize this important cultural and historical building and thus create a new high quality, original and attractive restaurant and hotel offers for tourists in this part of Slovenia. In doing so, Ptuj wishes to preserve the natural, cultural and historical charm of this place with the activities that are friendly to the environment and society.

The Turnisce castle park is a protected monument due to its importance. The garden designed in the baroque style was expanded together with the castle complex at the beginning of the 19th century when English garden features were added. The park still boasts its remarkable specimens of the red birch, oak, linden tree and sycamore. Next to the park, stream Studencnica flows into natural lakes, whose banks became important nesting ground and habitat for many birds due to overgrowing.

Estimated cost: 10,000,000 EUR

Promoter: Mestna občina PTUJ

Location: Zagrebška cesta 84, 2250 Ptuj

Type of investment: Building

Project status: Other

Asset ownership: Public