Municipality of Ptuj

The municipality of Ptuj is located in the center of the Lower Podravje region. The municipal center of Ptuj is the oldest documented city in Slovenia.

The municipality of Ptuj is located in the center of the Lower Podravje region. The municipal center of Ptuj is the oldest documented city in Slovenia.

The carriers of development in the municipality are many small and medium-sized enterprises; tourism also plays an important role.

The whole municipality is included in the Podravje region, which is safe, hospitable, picturesque with diverse landscapes. The advantageous location has always connected this region economically, developmentally and culturally closely with neighboring countries.

Transport routes and other infrastructural connections in the Podravje region provide top opportunities for permanent investments in industry, logistics, construction of business complexes, development of service and tourist activities intertwined with the unspoiled nature offered by the region. Routes and transport links to and from the region are a springboard to reach other markets in the EU.

In recent years, a large number of small and medium-sized companies have developed in the Municipality of Ptuj, which are becoming an increasingly important carrier of the municipality’s development, as well as creating new jobs and boasting a few well-established brands.

Major industries

- Metal processing
- Electrical industry
- Construction and construction products
- Food industry and agriculture
- Tourism and catering
- Information and communication technologies
- Transport and logistics
- Other support services

Advantages and potentials of the Municipality of Ptuj

- Favorable geo-strategic location and connections with the interior of Slovenia and other EU countries.
- Production is based on high technology and creativity.
- Skilled and competitive workforce with extensive industry experience.
- Tradition and modernity are intertwined especially in the metal industry.
- Possibility of geothermal energy and other renewable energy sources.
- Vertical integration between agriculture and the food industry.
- Rich wellness offer and health tourism services.
- Natural resources and sports and recreational activities.
- Well preserved natural and cultural heritage, suitable for many service activities.
- Traditional cuisine and high quality wines. Water and energy potential of the Drava River.

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