Municipality of Markovci

The municipality of Markovci extends on the flat part of the lower Ptuj field, especially on the left bank of the Drava river, opposite of Markovci is the Šturmovci natural park, which is home close to 500 different plant and over 250 bird species.

Most of the inhabitants are land-bound. Part of the citizens are employed in companies and institutions of the Municipality of Ptuj, and a significant part have established their own companies and workshops with their diligence and knowledge. The main agricultural industries are agriculture and animal husbandry. There is a lot of beekeeping.

The municipality also boasts a rich cultural and ethnographic heritage. The most famous carnival ethnological characters come from this area, among the most original is the character of the Korant.

Infrastructural connections in the Podravje region provide opportunities for permanent investments in industry, logistics, construction of business complexes, development of service and tourist activities, intertwined with the unspoiled nature offered by the region. In the near future, a fast road from Ormož to Hajdina will run through the area. 

Roads and transport links to and from the region represent a springboard for reaching other markets in the EU. Favorable location – the municipality borders the Municipality of Ptuj, as the center of the lower Podravje.

Major industries

- Industry
- Manufacturing
- Agriculture
- Catering
- Other support services

Advantages and potentials of the Municipality of Markovci

- 10 min from the highway - Maribor - Ptuj
- 10 min from the train station in Ptuj.
- The proximity of direct road infrastructure leading to Austria,
- Croatia, allows access to wider Central Europe.
- Well standing business zone.
- Companies ready for foreign investment (e.g. Reseda d.o.o.)
- Understanding to the needs of investors and the ability to adapt to each individual and his needs.
- Special tenders for investors at local, regional and national level.
- Expansion of the New York business zone.

Companies in Markovci

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