Municipality of Kidričevo

The Municipality of Kidričevo is located in the northeast of Slovenia

The Municipality of Kidričevo is located in the northeast of Slovenia. The place was called Strnišče before World War II, afterwards it was renamed after then Slovenian politician, Boris Kidrič.

The crown jewel of Kidričevo is Talum, an industrial giant of aluminium production. Other noteworthy company is Boxmark, together with Talum they are the largest employers in the municipality.

The most important industrial activities are manufacturing and trade, the industry with the highest probability of progress in terms of turnover in the future is tourism, as the  municipality places great emphasis on the development of tourist products and tourist infrastructure.

Major industries

- Industry
- Manufacturing
- Trade
- Agriculture
- Tourism and catering
- Other support services

Advantages and potentials of the Municipality of Kidričevo

- Proximity to highway road infrastructure, which leads to Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy and thus allows access to the wider Central Europe.
- Long tradition in the industrial sector, especially in the metal industry.
- Educated and skilled workforce.
- Understanding to the needs of investors and the ability to adapt to each individual and his needs.
- The linkage between local government and support institutions creates a positive development environment for businesses.
- Special tenders for investors at local, regional and national level.
- The climate has a favorable effect on the development of agricultural activity and offers a wealth of development opportunities for the cultivation of various crops.

Companies in Kidričevo

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