Municipality of Hoče-Slivnica

Municipality of Hoče-Slivnica is a municipality in the Republic of Slovenia and is part of the Podravje statistical region.

The municipal center Spodnje Hoče is accompanied by 12 larger settlements in the municipality. The municipality boasts many transport connections – it has an international airport in Slivnica and two railway stations. About 53 percent of municipal land is arable and 39 percent is a forest. The municipal center of Spodnje Hoče is 130 kilometers from the capital Ljubljana, 20 kilometers from the border with Austria, 45 kilometers from Croatia and 100 kilometers from the border with Hungary.

The municipality offers a variety of events for tourists: from hiking and biking trails in all seasons. Furthermore the municipality offers visitors festivals, sports and recreational entertainment and a varied culinary journey from the time before the discovery of America to the most modern offers for gourmets.

The municipality promotes locally produced food and agricultural development. Each year, it prepares financial incentives for the development of agriculture. At the same time, the Faculty of Agriculture and Biosystem Sciences is located in the municipality, which has an important scientific contribution to the development of this field in the municipality and beyond.

Major industries

- Production and processing
- Transport and logistics
- Tourism, agriculture and forestry
- Other support services

Advantages and potentials of the Municipality of Hoče-Slivnica

- The municipality lies in a strategically important position
- The only municipality in Slovenia that was given the opportunity to become part of the community of a reputable company from the automotive industry - Magna Steyr.
- Proximity to the University Center Maribor (R&D activities and high added value of products).
- Educated and skilled workforce.
- Potential for expansion and development of new settlements.
- Understanding the needs of investors and the ability to adapt to each individual and his needs.
- Active assistance to investors and potential companies by the local government.
- Expansion of the business zone and communal equipment by the - - Municipality. Secured new land in the business zone.
- Potential in tourism (Pohorje).

Companies in Hoče-Slivnica

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