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    Road freight transport

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    Transport and transportation

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    Transport Frangež d.o.o.


Transport Frangež d.o.o.

In the company Transport Frangež d.o.o. We offer you complete solutions in the field of Logistics Services. We are a company that organizes and provides national and international transport services. With a long tradition and knowledge, we arrange the management, implementation and reliability of complete logistics and warehousing for our customers.

Our Vision is quite clear. With experience and maturity, we are very ambitious in planning future joint steps on the world's roads. We follow the new world guidelines in the field of transport, and at the same time we dedicate a large part of our concern to the environment. Our development adheres to increasingly environmentally friendly vehicle standards. We transfer knowledge and technology to drivers and thus take care of 100% training. In the future, the company will continue to intensively improve quality in the field of logistics.


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