SRC Bistra Ptuj

The public institution SRC Bistra Ptuj developed from the Bureau for Strategic Technological Development, or shortly BISTRA, in 1994. Our main tasks are planning and managing of developmental activities in municipalities of the Spodnje Podravje region.

Core activities of the institution include:

  1. promotion of development in the Spodnje Podravje region on all areas of work on a local level;
  2. establishment of a link between universities and institutes, and transfer of scientific and economic knowledge to SMEs;
  3. promotion and creation of knowledge in order to stimulate the area of human resources in the region.

SRC Bistra Ptuj wants to remain an important scientific research and development institution involved in empowering development with knowledge and excellence, in the public and private sectors.In order to successfully link science and economy, SRC Bistra Ptuj acts as a mediator for a better development of the region, based on knowledge, innovations and expertise, thus opening possibilities to create a region of innovations.

SRC Bistra Ptuj is the leading development institution and acts as a mediator between the public and the private sector. As such, Bistra will continue with the promotion of economic and social development of the region and with the creation of conditions for spreading and managing knowledge at local and regional level. Our aim is to improve development dynamics within the region.
SRC Bistra Ptuj is engaged in strengthening staff potentials and competencies of four task groups. Our activities are directed towards long-term goals of the institution.

Centre of entrepreneurship and innovations:

  • Support for local enterprises, from the business idea to realisation;
  • Simplification of bureaucratic procedures for enterprises;
  • Business counselling in the field of business planning, IP protection, funding and investing, industrial R&D, marketing and sales activities.

Project management and regional development office:

  • Management of international cooperation;
  • Supporting activities for the acquisition of financial resources from national and international funds, aimed at funding development projects.

Development centre for regional tourism:

  • Management of the Regional Destination Organization (RDO) by supporting the development and marketing of new tourist products, creation and marketing of tourist offers, and supporting the development of tourism infrastructure;
  • Due to the importance of development in tourism, our aim is to create a link between the tourism industry and the local communities, consisting of 27 municipalities and the civil sector (societies, associations, etc.).


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