Šolski center Ptuj

The Ptuj School Center Public Institution operates on the basis of the Institutions Act and the Education Organization and Financing Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, Nos. 12/96, 23/96 22/00), and carries out its activities in accordance with the Gymnasiums Act , The Vocational and Technical Education Act, the Higher Education Act and the Founding Decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia JZ Šolski center Ptuj (8.7.2008, pp. 01403-34 / 2008/4). The legal bases define in more detail the manner and form of financing from the budget of the Republic of Slovenia, student contributions and marketing activity. The public institute has concluded a contract on financing the activity of the public service of youth education and concluded contracts for the implementation of retraining and additional training programs for unemployed persons, adult education and the implementation of additional training programs for employees. JZ regularly obtains additional funds from tendered projects of the European Social Fund, CMEPIUS, the Ministry of Education and Sport, other ministries and tenders of the EU Commission.


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