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  • Annual Revenue

    1 – 5 MM

  • Main Services/Products

    Baked products

  • General Main Activity

    Bakery and confectionery

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    PPS Ptujske pekarne d.o.o.


PPS Ptujske pekarne d.o.o.

The company PPS - Pekarne Ptuj, is engaged in the production of bread, bakery pastries and confectionery, and sells its products half-baked and frozen, mainly on the Slovenian market. In fact, we live in the 21st century, this is a time of high technology and the rapid advancement of information technology, where the flexibility of our company must be maximized to the environment.

But why do we adapt at all?

To make it easier to obtain the goods necessary for survival, because with them we can create the best possible quality of life and comfort that we really want.

Therefore, we are aware that we must strive to learn about new jobs, work tasks and, in short, new learning both in the business world and at home.

Ptujske Pekarne also obtained the certificate and standard ISO 9001: 2000 PPS - Pekarne Ptuj, d. d., we are very committed to working with a wide variety of schools. This is evidenced by numerous excursions to various schools, mostly primary schools, whose children are just deciding on a profession.


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