Območna obrtno-podjetniška zbornica Maribor

In accordance with the Crafts Act, the Statute of OZS and the Statute of OOZ Maribor, the Chamber monitors and discusses the issue of crafts, takes care of its harmonious development, represents the interests of its members before local and regional authorities, keeps a trade register in its area and its part of the central membership register. tasks important for the overall functioning of the chamber system entrusted to it by the OZS.

According to the contract, the Chamber may also take over the performance of work for other organizations, if it has free capacities and if the nature of the activity allows it. The Chamber may also entrust the performance of individual works to another natural or legal person by contract, if this is economical and expedient.

All natural and legal persons who perform a craft activity or domestic or artistic craft, or any other gainful or non-gainful activity in the Republic of Slovenia may join the OOZ Maribor and at the same time the Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship of Slovenia.


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