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    1 – 5 MM

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    Wheat, maize, buckwheat, rye and rice products

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    Food industry

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    Mlin Korošec d.o.o.


Mlin Korošec d.o.o.

We are a company with more than 200 years of tradition. We are engaged in the processing of several types of cereals. We grind wheat, rye, corn and buckwheat. In addition to the above, we also buy barley during the harvest, and we provide a drying service for corn during the corn harvest. With us, a peasant exchange is also possible.

From the listed raw materials, we produce various types of mill products, which you can buy in our mill store as well as at some major retailers. Delivery is also possible for larger orders. In our store you can buy some other products, such as pasta, biscuits, oils and various types of flour that we do not produce ourselves (rice, flax, hemp, kamut, oats,…).

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