Lokalna energetska agentura Spodnje Podravje

The mission of the Local Energy Agency Spodnje Podravje is to ensure sustainable energy development of the Lower Podravje region by disseminating knowledge and experience with demonstration projects, education, promotion in order to promote investment in renewable sources and efficient energy use.

LEA Spodnje Podravje offers municipalities professional assistance in planning and implementing a sustainable energy policy on the one hand, and advice and assistance in the design, construction and reconstruction of public buildings, including public lighting on the other. LEA Spodnje Podravje pays special attention to the introduction of renewable energy sources at local levels (solar, geothermal and wind energy, biomass and biogas). The ultimate goal of the efforts is that Spodnje Podravje or. Eastern Styria is becoming a SUSTAINABLE ENERGY DEVELOPED REGION, which will make the most of its own natural and renewable energy sources, implement sustainable (low energy and passive) construction, develop sustainable transport and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to an environmentally acceptable level.


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