Ljudska univerza Slovenska Bistrica

The institute was established to perform a public service, the performance of which is in the public interest.

The basic activity of the institute is the education of adults who are not included in regular school and university education. It covers the field of general and cultural education, training and advanced training and education. The education of pre-school and school children and youth, which is included in regular school education, is carried out by the institution as a supplementary activity.

Education takes the form of school classes, part-time education, seminar work, courses, study groups and circles, instruction, guided self-education, distance learning, practical education and training, and other forms of education.

In addition to education, the institute prepares and sells education programs, performs consulting activities, especially in the field of adult education, and in accordance with the comprehensive offer of its activities, also performs cultural, exhibition, publishing and other supplementary activities.


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