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    Metal products and equipment

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    Manufacture of metal structures and parts

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    Lehmer d.o.o.


Lehmer d.o.o.

Lehmer d.o.o. was established in 1996. From the very beginning, it has been engaged in the production and assembly of a wide variety of steel structures. Over time, we also expanded our activity to the field of transport technology, where we became an important partner to renowned companies in this field. We operate in the fields of vehicle production, paper industry, process technology, environmental protection and elsewhere. We are a reliable and cooperative partner. Our business strategy is based on consistent adherence to agreements and deadlines. Successful realization of the project is our priority.

Our services

  • Participation in project planning
  • Preparation of technical documentation (Layout, workshop plans, statics, assembly plans)
  • Production in our own production halls and on our own machines
  • Corrosion protection (varnishing, powder coating, hot dip galvanizing).


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