Quick summary

  • Utilities

    Gas, Water, Sewer, Electricity

  • Km From Industrial Track

    From 0 To 0.49 Km

  • Km From Highway

    Less Than 4.9 Km

  • Zone Size

    15 Ha And More

  • Zone Type



Gospodarska cona Ptuj (levi breg Drave)

Zone nameGospodarska Cona Ptuj (Levi Breg Drave)
Zone size in ha109,0
Land occupancy in %85
Possibility of zone expansion365000
Possibility of buying landUnknown
Possibility to purchasing premisesUnknown
Option to buy or rentUnknown
Telephone connectionYes (optical network)
Gas connectionYes
Hot water connectionNo
Water connectionYes
Sewage managementYes
Tehnical waterNo
Industrial heatingNo
Zone distance from the motorway / expressway [km]5
Distance from container terminal of Port Koper245
Distance to container terminal – loading station Maribor [km]22
Distance to container terminal – loading station Celje [km]73
Zone intrusion into a low-flood risk areaYes
Zone intrusion into a high-flood risk areaYes
Zone intrusion into a high-risk areaNo
Encroachment on narrow water protection areasNo
Encroachment on wider water protection areasYes
Encroachment on wider protected areasNo
Encroachment on narrow protected areasNo
Encroachment on sites and sites of natural valuesYes
Encroachment on NATURA 2000 sitesYes
Encroachment on ecologically important areasYes
Encroachment on forest reserve areasNo
Encroachment on protected forest areasNo
Encroachment on sites of cultural heritageYes
Encroachment on terrain slopes1,58


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