DOBA was founded in 1990 as the first private educational institution in Slovenia. The founder was Jasna Dominko Baloh. All the years of existence at DOBI we develop and nurture the process of lifelong learning. With over 100 different programs of formal and non-formal forms of education and training for different target groups and different age groups, we take care of promoting the needs for education and raising the educational level of individuals in the Podravska region, throughout Slovenia and across our borders.

We started our journey 30 years ago with language education, first with programs for preschool children, then with programs for adults, also with specialized programs tailored to companies and individuals. We were the first in Slovenia to organize a summer school for primary school students on Rogla, learning English, tennis and horseback riding. We have developed into a strong language exam center.

In 1991 we started cooperating with the Republic Employment Service Maribor, we developed new programs for unemployed / motivational seminars, professional programs and programs for personal growth.

DOBA has successfully continued its mission in the next few years by introducing different forms and methods of learning, specially adapted to the needs of adults. In 1995, in cooperation with the Andragogical Center of Slovenia, we opened the first Center for the Promotion of Learning in Slovenia and a year later the Knowledge Exchange, both intended for free non-formal learning of individuals.

After a few years of operation, we have strengthened in the field of formal education. In 1997, we began implementing adult-adapted high school programs.

In 1999, we established one of the first vocational colleges at DOBI and began implementing the publicly valid Business Secretary post-secondary program, which we developed at DOBI. The activity of higher education was one of the key activities at DOBI in the following years. We started with more intensive international activity, integration with the economy and integration with the environment. Today, we run eight modern higher education programs.

Already in 2004, the establishment of the Business College was followed by a new development breakthrough in DOBA. In 2009, we were transformed into a faculty. We have successfully expanded the involvement of students in programs from Serbia and Croatia.

DOBA Faculty is a leader in the field of online education in the Slovenian higher education area, tradition, excellent study results, graduate performance, social responsibility, development and scientific research, first-class knowledge, use of modern and innovative pedagogical approaches and internationalization with foreign students rank DOBA Faculty among the most ambitious higher education institutions in Slovenia. Students from 46 countries, mostly from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, study at the DOBA Faculty. Today, we run four undergraduate undergraduate programs, four master’s programs, and one doctoral program in four languages.

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