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    Laser sheet metal cutting, cnc sheet metal bending, cnc milling, cnc turning, cnc sheet metal wrapping, cnc profile wrapping, sheet metal punching, drilling, semi-automatic sawing, mig, mag and tig welding, inductive welding of studs, sandblasting of stainless steel with glass beads, wet product dyeing and orbital tig welding

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    CPMS sistemi d.o.o.


CPMS sistemi d.o.o.

The beginnings of the family company CPMS SISTEMI d.o.o. date back to 1994, when we opened a locksmithing workshop called Ključavničarstvo Konrada Zemljariča s.p. in Zabovci, where Mr Zemljarič commenced manufacturing stainless steel equipment and steel constructions. In 2004, the company moved to a newer, bigger and more technically advanced location in the industrial zone in Markovci, where it now operates at 2500 m2 of manufacturing area.

In 2013, Konrad Zemljarič merged his company with his son’s which lead to its recapitalisation. The company’s products are mainly manufactured for the foreign market so their reach extends around the globe.

The company operates in the industry of manufacturing equipment for processing of mineral substances, and lately also in ecological technology. We have our own technical design and engineering processes, and we also manufacture and install steel constructions and processing equipment


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