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    20 – 50 MM

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    Road services and equipment

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    Cestno podjetje Ptuj d.d.


CP Ptuj d.d.

Immediately after the end of World War II, when Ptuj got a road base, we were involved in the construction and rehabilitation of roads in our environment. An important milestone on the path of development is the year 1961, when Slovenia received Road Companies. Roads from Ptuj became part of CP Maribor. Already in 1973, Ptuj acquired TOZD for road maintenance and protection, which gives road activities in this environment even more impetus for further work.

The second turning point on our path was 1989, when road workers in the wider Ptuj region merged, separated from CP Maribor and founded an independent company Cestno podjetje Ptuj, with which we create achievements and gain experience in the field of maintenance and protection of roads and road facilities. in the field of reconstruction of civil engineering structures and in the extraction of stones for construction purposes. In 1999, the company was transformed and became a joint stock company.

The path of development then climbed steeply. In 2002, we built an asphalt base and expanded our activities to the field of high-rise construction. Increasingly, the green program came to the fore, which includes the construction of treatment plants and sewage systems.

Road maintenance, construction, mechanization, construction for the market - all this is today Cestno podjetje Ptuj - a company for the future. With quality work and a highly qualified team, we ensure long-term stable growth and development of the company.

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