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    20 – 50 MM

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    Trade with motor vehicles

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    Car dealership and commercial vehicles; Car Service; Car equipment; Car parts; Forklifts and trucks

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    Cordia d.o.o.


Cordia d.o.o.

CORDIA d.o.o. has been operating successfully since its establishment in 1990.

In early 1995, the company entered into a general agency agreement for the Dutch company DAF Trucks N.V., one of Europe's largest truck manufacturers. It has its production facilities located in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. From the conclusion of the contract onwards, CORDIA d.o.o. operates as the general representative of the DAF brand on the Slovenian market.

Until 2000, the company was located in Stražišče near Kranj, where the company's management, financial and accounting department and truck sales department were located. The second part of the company was located in the municipal zone Primskovo, more precisely in the premises of the company ALPETOUR travel agency, where there were a spare parts warehouse, temporary parking lots for trucks and the sale of spare parts wholesale.

In 2000, the company moved to a new location in Medvode, where all activities related to the sale of trucks and spare parts were initially carried out. After a thorough renovation of the premises and the construction of a modern service center in 2005, all activities related to the DAF brand, including maintenance and servicing of trucks, are carried out at the company's headquarters in Medvode.

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