Business Incubator Ormož

About us

Business Incubator Ormož is a place for new young companies. In an orderly business environment with modern infrastructure and a wider range of consulting and mentoring services, within 8 years of operation, more than 20 companies have created and developed.

Our aim is to ensure that all people, regardless of their background, have an equal opportunity to start and run their own businesses.


Establish a supportive business environment with the aim of accelerating the creation of new businesses and helping them operate, grow and develop in order to contribute to greater competitiveness and better jobs.

By offering enterprises and entrepreneurs infrastructure and services to the user, we aim to raise the level of innovation, technological development and research, and consequently contribute to increasing the added value to economic and the well-being of the population in our area.

Our mission:

  • Provide the best possible service to the business community.
  • Enable best conditions for young entrepreneurs for their success.

The goals of the Incubator are, in particular:

  • to contribute to the rise of entrepreneurial activity,
  • identify innovative entrepreneurial ideas,
  • assistance in setting up and starting new businesses,
  • raise the survival rate of young businesses,
  • encourage self-employment,
  • promote public-private partnerships,
  • assistance in getting and obtaining grants,
  • promoting cooperation between businesses and knowledge institutions.

The target groups of the incubator are:

  • start-ups;
  • already existing young business or entrepreneurs ;
  • people with entrepreneurial ideas;
  • others who will want to use various incubator services


We invite companies, entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs with promising entrepreneurial ideas to become members of the Business Incubator Ormož d.o.o. Business premises are available to be leased to members of the business incubator. Members will have more benefits: a favourable rent according to the current price list, assistance in setting up a business and preparing a business plan, legal advice, training for entrepreneurs, the use of a conference room …

What do we offer?

  • Counselling,
  • assistance in the preparation of a business plan
  • training and education,
  • free use of conference rooms,
  • assistance in preparing application form for (co) financing
  • help in finding business partners for incubated companies – matchmaking,
  • organization of workshops, meetings, presentations, seminars,
  • rental of business place with associated infrastructure, including operating costs (electricity, water, heating ..) at exceptionally reasonable prices:


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