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    100+ MM

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    Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment

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    Lifting and transport devices

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    ADK d.o.o


ADK d.o.o

ADK d.o.o., established in 1995, is one of the largest Slovene companies in the metal processing industry. Its major field of work is production of sophisticated steel constructions from fine-grained steel and assembling of final products. Production and assembly are supported by the department of construction. The company’s products are machines and installations for vertical lifting of loads, mining machines and machines for civil engineering.

Production facilities are located in Hoče on 35.000 m2, in Dolane on 12.000 m2, in Maribor on 3.000 m2 and in ADK d.o.o. in Novi Travnik (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on 17.000 m2.

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