Investments in the Podravje region

Slovenia has been a partner country of Austria for many years and is therefore an important business partner of Austrian companies.

Slovenia has been Austria’s neighbouring and partner country for many years and is, therefore, an important business partner of Austrian companies. The Podravje region, which lies along the Drava River in the NE part of Slovenia, is historically and economically connected with Austria. New business zones and industrial parks in the Podravje region are developing into functional, high-quality, technological, and knowledge-supported environments. The focus is the sustainable development of municipalities and regions by generating new jobs, creating exceptional added value, and cultivating innovative companies that do not burden the environment with their ventures.

The capital of the Podravje region is Maribor, which is also an economic centre and where two important pan-European transport roads and railway corridors intersect (Venice – Trieste – Koper – Ljubljana – Maribor – Budapest and Graz – Maribor – Zagreb). The optimal strategic location allows direct access to all key European markets.

Therefore, free capacities in business zones are concentrated on the proximity of the mentioned routes in the municipalities of Hoče-Slivnica, Kidričevo, Markovci, Ormož, and Ptuj. Between Maribor and Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian city is the Maribor International Airport, which is also an essential attribute for strategic investments in the business world.

In the Podravje region, we can find many Austrian companies that have been successfully operating in the area for years. In the coming years, many new opportunities will open up for Brownfield (existing infrastructure), Greenfield (new buildings), and Start-up investments, especially in:

  • production and processing,
  • transport and logistics,
  • tourism, agriculture, and forestry
  • other support services.

The long-term goal of Podravje is to develop the reputation of business zones on diversity, orderliness, flexibility, knowledge, and openness. Quality work on promotion and marketing will ensure the arrival of new companies in the Podravje region.

The regional entry point aims to offer investors from neighboring Austria easy and fast entry into business zones and professional support in their start-up (administration, HR, links with institutions). Podravje is recognizable by its connection with the automotive industry, entrepreneurial tradition, and the working population’s exceptional knowledge of German as their first foreign language.

Maribor is a university city that perfectly complements Ptuj, home to secondary and higher education programs. Most qualified staff finds employment in the Podravje region or South Austria, mainly due to the quality of work performed and knowledge of the German language.

In addition to industry and logistics, the development of tourism and investment in tourist infrastructure is also of great importance, significantly impacting the quality of life and welcoming new tourist investments in the beautiful and fertile countryside. In the mentioned tourist area, we converge the Drava River, the city’s cultural pulse, Pohorje in all seasons, pampering in thermal springs, and the varied wines and quality culinary offer of Haloze, Jeruzalem, and Slovenske gorice.

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