Benedict Thermal Center

The construction of a spa – rehabilitation and tourist thermal center can be considered as an independent investment project. Given the characteristics of the well (80 ° C water temperature and a flow rate of 50 l / s), it makes sense that the presented investment project is part of a broader investment. This conceptually includes two additional projects, namely:

1) exploitation of geothermal water to generate electricity and “catch” natural CO2. By obtaining geothermal energy, the water temperature is lowered to the level required for use in geothermal pools and for heating / cooling the complex. Naturally produced CO2 is used in the food industry. This investment project is also ready.

2) use of geothermal energy and water for heating and irrigation of greenhouses. A preliminary design has been prepared in accordance with the regulations.

The basic project envisages the construction of hotel accommodation, holiday homes, a spa and rehabilitation center, and a recreational tourist complex.

The owner of the investment project is also the owner of the land and has signed a contract with the competent authorities on the use of the well.

Estimated cost: 35,000,000 EUR

Promoter: MRA

Location: Drava region

Type of investment: New real estate

Project status:Feasibility

Asset ownership:Private