Talum, as the contemporary production company, belongs to a narrow range of the most efficient producers of electrolytic aluminium and aluminium alloys in the world. More than 65 years of hard work in Kidričevo nowadays reflects enviable facts: we rank among the top 10 exporters in Slovenia, we produce 50.000 tons of primary aluminium per year and produce more than 110.000 tons of commodity production of aluminium product. Sustainable development of the TALUM Group is based on increasing the volume and complexity of products and services, improving productivity and efficiency, and ensuring the highest quality with an emphasis on safe and healthy work, environmental protection, efficient use of energy and protection of information. With the intensive restructuring of our production, today in Talum we produce more and more products with higher added value. Our highest competitive advantage lies in the products of the highest quality, and in the knowledge, creativity and ambitions of our employees.

Closeness of the employees with the factory, mutual understanding and cooperation, and trust are the key values, which have helped us in realising developmental goals and strategies on our way. Significant cornerstones of our successfulness, which help us in achieving our visions and goals, are coordinated and efficient achievements, creating synergies and cooperation with external partners, and the culture of the achievement. Beside the fact that clients, suppliers and other business partners trust us, we still have many a thing, which places us among the best ones – boldness and commitment of our employees.

Foundations are seen in technically perfective production processes, which are upgraded by strategic trends, that follow energetically efficient and environment-friendly production. A significant foundation of our growth is also a development of castings production. We do not deal only with low-pressure and gravity casting, but we have entered a field of high-pressure casting. In a field of slugs and discs, regarding a tubes’ and conatainers’ programme, we rank among the biggest and technologically most progressive producers in the world.

Our own development, production and marketing of technological equipment represents an important direction, which basis on integration of accumulated technological knowledge and experience. We develop products, materials and technological solutions in our own Research and Innovation Centre in cooperation with external partners.

At work, we keep testing new methods and approaches, and we perform this with great deal of energy, teamwork and by creating conditions, which enable us to recognise opportunities and quickly react to challenges. We have conquered a concept of quality, which means much more than just a set of technical features of the product. Moreover, the quality enables us to be successful on the increasingly demanding markets.

Each one of us treats and manage the sources that we deal with as a prudent master, wherein we are aware of the responsibility we have towards customers, owners, broader and immediate environment, and towards one another. We want to reduce traces of the aluminium production as much as possible and to take care of the efficient treatment system regarding the environment.

We are aware that we are able to turn to our own advantage the constant changes on the global markets and their restructures, which are the driving force of our progress. With our own persistence, courage and readiness for new challenges we have already been trying to continue and to realise our joint goals, to form the future and to enable aluminium to remain the metal of the future.

More than 10.000 employees

We can pride ourselves with more than 10.000 employees within more than 65-years tradition of the group Talum.

110.000 tons of commodity production of aluminium product per year

We rank among the top 10 exporters in Slovenia produce more than 110.000 tons of commodity production of aluminium product per year.

Results-centred approach

Based on our comprehensive expertise we are focused on top-notch results. Our vision is to keep the position among the most efficient producers of aluminium in the world regarding the energy.

Ambitious development

We develop products, materials and technological solutions in our own Research and Innovation Centre in cooperation with external partners.

Business excellence

Based on correct relations, increased lucrativeness and development of innovative products, we are focused on the business excellence


Our highest competitive advantage lies in the products of the highest quality, and in the knowledge, creativity and ambitions of our employees.

Lehmer d.o.o. was established in 1996. From the very beginning, it has been engaged in the production and assembly of a wide variety of steel structures. Over time, we also expanded our activity to the field of transport technology, where we became an important partner to renowned companies in this field. We operate in the fields of vehicle production, paper industry, process technology, environmental protection and elsewhere. We are a reliable and cooperative partner. Our business strategy is based on consistent adherence to agreements and deadlines. Successful realization of the project is our priority.

Our services

  • Participation in project planning
  • Preparation of technical documentation (Layout, workshop plans, statics, assembly plans)
  • Production in our own production halls and on our own machines
  • Corrosion protection (varnishing, powder coating, hot dip galvanizing).

Roofing is an activity that requires a lot of hard work as well as a lot of knowledge and experience. We are strongly aware of this, therefore we are continuously improving in various areas of our work. We look forward to the wishes and needs of each client. Every query is carefully reviewed and together we find a suitable solution. Contact us and trust us and we will help you whenever you need us!


// A satisfied client is the key to success.

Hard work has been our constant orientation since the company’s beginning in 1998. In the beginning, without complete dedication, it is difficult to succeed, and we are in particular proud that we have managed to keep initial enthusiasm through a good decade and a half of successful business! We are happy to receive the recognition for hard work from our most valued business partners – our satisfied clients!


// We provide advice and support to our clients.

Paying attention to our client’s wishes and challenges is a company’s priority. We are aware that only through respectful mutual cooperation and trust we can continue with successful business. Step by step we achieve our vision – to create a fair family business that will excite all our clients with roof products and services!


// Together with you since 1998.

Since 1998, we have been creating incredible stories with you. Many years of experience enable us to be a reliable partner in the construction industry today. We are ready to face all the challenges, and we also listen to your most unusual desires.

BOXMARK is one of the world’s leading leather manufacturers and we guarantee your success. BOXMARK’s outstanding skills and know-how in development and innovation – from leather to interior components – ensures the continuing market leadership – Automotive, Coach, Railway, Ship/Yacht, Aircraft, Upholstery, Designer Furniture, Contract and a lot more.

Years of experience in the production of aluminium oxides and decades of continuous development have made Silkem a widely recognised manufacturer of special materials in the fields of zeolites, silicates, special alumina and boehmites.

Silkem sells its products in more than 40 markets. The company’s strategic advantage and an important part of its development strategy are its flexibility and the dynamic ability to adapt in meeting quality and logistic needs of its customers. Close cooperation with customers and own development of new products enable a continuous expansion and specialisation of the production programme.

Company history

Silkem was founded in 1992 on the basis of 40 years of experience in the production of aluminium hydrates and other types of alumina in Kidričevo, Slovenia. After production in the red section of the old alumina plant was closed down, successful adaptations and an innovative approach allowed for the start of two basic production programmes: zeolites with silicates and special alumina.

Environmental requirements have allowed for a fast assertion of synthetic zeolites in the production of detergents. To adapt to new production methods (dry mixing) in the mid-1990s, Silkem also began with production of zeolites and silicates in granulated form with additional components of detergents. At the turn of the 21st century, the company developed the production of ultra pure zeolite, which resulted in new sales opportunities in plastic production. With development of granulation and calcination of zeolite powders, which was concluded in 2011, the company’s position in this market was further strengthened and new opportunities in other application fields emerged. In 2017 the production programme of granulates was expanded to dried silicates with high bulk density.

The development of special alumina was directed towards the use in refractory materials. In a short span of time, the company became an important supplier of highly calcined and fine ground alumina. So as to meet customer requirements, the first line for the production of tabular alumina was set up in 2003 and within a few years, capacities doubled. In 2007 the sales programme for the refractory industry was expanded with sintered spinels. Special methods in the preparation of raw materials and additional processing of the final products have allowed Silkem to expand the production programme to calcined and tabular alumina with special properties, enabling their use in other application fields. Changes in the MAL Group, the parent company of Silkem since 2001, have resulted in a new ownership structure after 2012. The ownership share in Silkem Hungary enabled Silkem to expand its range of products from the special alumina programme.

In 2015 production capacities and own development allowed for the start of the boehmite production programme.

Quality policy

The quality of the company’s products and services is dictated by industry standards and Silkem’s commitment to continuous development and improvements in this field. The observance of standards and the company’s commitment are the driving force of progress and continuous improvement of quality in all fields of operations. The company’s main objective is to perfect customer’s needs and requirements.

The company strives to continuously improve its quality with careful selection of raw materials and suppliers, which meet the standards of quality and environmental protection. Continuous improvements are aimed at regularly maintaining and implementing quality control under ISO 9001 (which is confirmed by the certificate), while also complementing the processes.

All employees strive towards achieving and maintaining quality in the broadest sense. In Silkem, quality assurance has outgrown the frameworks of industry standards, rules and regulations, as it has become a part of everyday processes.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental protection is an important part of the partner relationship between the company and the community. Environmental impacts are closely monitored and regulated by the extensive legislation and procedures for obtaining appropriate permits. The company meets the requirements set forth by the national and international environmental legislation and has acquired the environmental permit.

Silkem introduces the best available technologies, which are described in BREF notes and which ensure lower emission levels and better energy efficiency. As an environmental permit holder, the company monitors environmental impacts with emission monitoring, while additionally takes care of the optimal and effective use of energy under the ISO 50001 standard (certificate) and of industrial water.

In the company Transport Frangež d.o.o. We offer you complete solutions in the field of Logistics Services. We are a company that organizes and provides national and international transport services. With a long tradition and knowledge, we arrange the management, implementation and reliability of complete logistics and warehousing for our customers.

Our Vision is quite clear. With experience and maturity, we are very ambitious in planning future joint steps on the world’s roads. We follow the new world guidelines in the field of transport, and at the same time we dedicate a large part of our concern to the environment. Our development adheres to increasingly environmentally friendly vehicle standards. We transfer knowledge and technology to drivers and thus take care of 100% training. In the future, the company will continue to intensively improve quality in the field of logistics.

Styrian Technology Park is a non-profit organization, based in Podravje region, Slovenia. Besides the headquarters offices in Pesnica pri Mariboru, STP manages its activities also within two additional branches in the city of Maribor. The main scope of STPs activities is focused on provision of comprehensive support for SMEs in Podravje region, in different stages of their lifecycle – from the “setting up the business” stage, to the stages of growth, development, internationalization, restructuring activities, etc.. STP acts as the Regional Center for Technology Development.

Styrian Technology Park operates as a business incubator for development of dynamic, innovative business ideas of micro and small enterprises, with substantial input of knowledge in their products and/or services. With its role as an incubator, STP represents an important component of the national support environment for innovative SMEs in the North East of Slovenia, supported by the national Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

STP’s support for SMEs is designed in a form of complex business services (consultancy, networking, information, administrative / other support services) on one side, and technical infrastructure (offices, production space, office appliances) on the other. STP aims its support activities at member companies that operate in different sectors (for example, efficient use of energy, ICT, tool production, robotics, etc.). Thus, STP is always engaged in preparation and implementation of efficient technical and advice services according to different sectors of developing companies.

STP has developed long-term collaboration with a pool of external experts and organizations, competent for implementing all the needed support services as well as effective project work on national and EU level. STP combines the work of internal experts and external advisers of rich and specific competences in such way to offer a wide range of concrete, professional business support actions for its target groups as well as to implement complex project activities with successful achievement of goals.

Within co-operation & partnerships with local and international partner organisations dealing in compatible fields, STP implemented several examples of technology and knowledge transfer in a framework of different projects. Styrian Technology Park has been involved in implementation of several projects, supported nationally and or European level, with orientation to its target groups (SMEs / incubees, external member companies, wider public). STP always tailors its project activities in such way to offer as good benefits and solutions for the companies’ needs as possible – depending on different aspects of projects’ themes and problems that they solve (specific training courses, promotion campaigns, creation/development of networks, survey and development of specific support for unemployed persons etc.).

As a daughter company of Maribor Development Agency (acting as a regional development agency), Styrian Technology Park actively participates in the processes for preparation and implementation of development plans for Podravje region. It is also active in the processes of regional transfer of knowledge and technologies. It plays an important role as a point for networking and information & contacts exchange for companies as well as for other institutions in the region.

Maribor Adult Education Centre is a public institution established by the Maribor Municipality in 1922. Since then we have provided educational programmes, either formal or non-formal, mostly for adults and responded to their needs and market trends or demands.

In elementary school for adults we provide opportunity for adults of different life stories and nationalities to complete their elementary education which is obligatory in Slovenia. They can continue their educational path in our vocational and other secondary level formal educationprograms and on higher educational level with MAED being a study center for a couple of higher education institutions.

We have collaborated with Ministries of Education, Labour and Internal affairs by providing them with formal and tailor-made informal programmes for unemployed, low educated, older, long-term unemployed and vulnerable or disadvantaged persons. Project Learning for Young Adults is an example of an extensive non-formal programme for early school leavers we have been implementing since 2001.

We are certified by Goethe Institute as their partner in providing publically recognised language exams for adults. Our offer contains courses of other foreign languages, various ICT courses and courses organised within University of the 3rd Age.

People can come to our institution with numerous questions regarding their education, work or life interests. For many years we have been guidance and counselling centre offering comprehensive information and guidance service.

Our history of collaborating in European projects also reaches quite back to the Socrates programme and continues through Life-long Learning programme and now to Erasmus+.

DOBA was founded in 1990 as the first private educational institution in Slovenia. The founder was Jasna Dominko Baloh. All the years of existence at DOBI we develop and nurture the process of lifelong learning. With over 100 different programs of formal and non-formal forms of education and training for different target groups and different age groups, we take care of promoting the needs for education and raising the educational level of individuals in the Podravska region, throughout Slovenia and across our borders.

We started our journey 30 years ago with language education, first with programs for preschool children, then with programs for adults, also with specialized programs tailored to companies and individuals. We were the first in Slovenia to organize a summer school for primary school students on Rogla, learning English, tennis and horseback riding. We have developed into a strong language exam center.

In 1991 we started cooperating with the Republic Employment Service Maribor, we developed new programs for unemployed / motivational seminars, professional programs and programs for personal growth.

DOBA has successfully continued its mission in the next few years by introducing different forms and methods of learning, specially adapted to the needs of adults. In 1995, in cooperation with the Andragogical Center of Slovenia, we opened the first Center for the Promotion of Learning in Slovenia and a year later the Knowledge Exchange, both intended for free non-formal learning of individuals.

After a few years of operation, we have strengthened in the field of formal education. In 1997, we began implementing adult-adapted high school programs.

In 1999, we established one of the first vocational colleges at DOBI and began implementing the publicly valid Business Secretary post-secondary program, which we developed at DOBI. The activity of higher education was one of the key activities at DOBI in the following years. We started with more intensive international activity, integration with the economy and integration with the environment. Today, we run eight modern higher education programs.

Already in 2004, the establishment of the Business College was followed by a new development breakthrough in DOBA. In 2009, we were transformed into a faculty. We have successfully expanded the involvement of students in programs from Serbia and Croatia.

DOBA Faculty is a leader in the field of online education in the Slovenian higher education area, tradition, excellent study results, graduate performance, social responsibility, development and scientific research, first-class knowledge, use of modern and innovative pedagogical approaches and internationalization with foreign students rank DOBA Faculty among the most ambitious higher education institutions in Slovenia. Students from 46 countries, mostly from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, study at the DOBA Faculty. Today, we run four undergraduate undergraduate programs, four master’s programs, and one doctoral program in four languages.

More than 13 years of successful and efficiency work on the sustainable energy use.


Local Energy Agency of Podravje was established in June 2006 by Municipality of Maribor. Energap is located in the 2nd biggest city in Slovenia – Maribor. Maribor is economic, university, cultural and sports centre of the north-eastern part of the country. Energap covers area of 200.000 inhabitants and 17 municipalities around the city of Maribor. It is financed by Municipality of Maribor and other projects. The decision making body of the Energap consists of Agency Council and Council of Experts.

We support the introduction of good energy management practices, advocate the concept of sustainability, provide information and guidance, and offer a number of other local services based on specific local energy needs. We operate impartially on both energy demand and supply issues and reflect the local situations, economic and social circumstances and the geographical size of the relevant local area.

We are the regional centre of knowledge and ideas. Our main activities are:

  • Support for the implementation of local/regional energy plans.
  • Energy audits of public and private buildings.
  • Raising awareness on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and transport issues.
  • Search for energy-management incentive funds at national and international level and studies on innovative financial mechanisms.
  • Information, advice and training on energy management issues.
  • Energy and mobility management for local authorities, public and private companies.
  • We can give wide-ranging advice on all aspects of energy, as well as technical assistance in the design of energy projects, heritage and infrastructure and provision of public information on these topics.
  • We are cooperating in many local, national and international projects.
  • Our main goal is to implement in practice all good ideas that are set in many different documents.
  • As one of the first cities in Slovenia we have implemented the central energy management system for public buildings in Maribor.
  • We act as a contact point for relations with European networks and institutions as well as an intermediary to local, regional and national players.

 Until now, Energap completed around 22 European and other projects under various territorial cooperation programs, such as Interreg A, B and C, South and Southeast Europe, Central Europe, Mediterranean, Intelligent Energy Europe.

Energap current EU projects are:

  • EMPOWER – More carbon reduction by dynamically monitoring energy efficiency
  • PEGASUS – Promoting Effective Generation and Sustainable USes of electricity
  • MEM – Municipal energy management
  • RESOLVE – Sustainable mobility and the transition to a low-carbon retailing economy