Ptuj has a long tradition in providing adult education, with strong roots reaching back to the year 1925, when the first courses for adults started. Officially, the Public University of Ptuj (then named Worker’s University) was established on 23th of July 1959.

Public University of Ptuj is a public institution with the team of 11 dedicated professionals, providing formal and non-formal educational programmes. The offer of Public universities, including Public University of Ptuj, is at least slightly amended, supplemented and refreshed each year. This makes us aware that the concept of lifelong learning is extremely wide and that every person has its own vision about it.

Adult education at the Public University of Ptuj consists of six fields, namely:

  • Formal education from primary school to the faculty education.
  • Non-formal publicly recognized educational programmes ( Programs UŽU – Training for life success and publicly recognized courses of English and German language)
  • Vocational trainings (for example training courses for accountants, for forklift operators, website designers, textile confectioners, meat processors, project managers, etc.)
  • Non-formal education (foreign language courses, computer courses, programs of the University of the Third Life period, specialized courses for companies, trainings in the field of legislation and communicational skills)
  • Adult education activities in the national interest (Centre of intergenerational learning, Knowledge exchange, workshops, Self-learning Centre)
  • Professional assistance to participants through Guidance Centre Ptuj.

Public University of Ptuj is also strongly active in international projects, where we are applying for the EU founds either as a leading partner or as a project partner under the leadership of partner from another EU country. Each year we are involved in at least four international projects. Why are we pleased about it? Because, in order to achieve success and search for fresh ideas we often need to look around,  learn from experiences of other related educational institutions, but at the same time preserve our own uniqueness and taking into account specifics of the region and the Ptuj town. Participation in such projects is strengthening the competences of employees at Public University of Ptuj and providing participants free of charge lectures and qualitative e-learning materials as well as the participation in the project meetings.

In a year 2016 we became the leading consortium partner in (for us) very important projects “Acquisition of competences” (2016-2019) and “Guidance and counselling for adults” (2016-2020). This will allow us to have even closer connection with the economy and the local community.


To disseminate new paths to knowledge for everyone, anytime, anywhere.


  • Expertise, professionalism, quality, reputation, responsibility
  • Efficiency, innovation, boldness, creativity
  • Honesty, tolerance, reliability, respect
  • Cosmopolitanism


Our mission is adult education and counselling. Using rich experience and expertise of our employees, we manage to motivate and monitor participants on their path to success, to encourage and make them believe in the importance of lifelong learning. We strive to offer a wide choice of programmes, depending on the current demand and taking into account future trends.

The public institution SRC Bistra Ptuj developed from the Bureau for Strategic Technological Development, or shortly BISTRA, in 1994. Our main tasks are planning and managing of developmental activities in municipalities of the Spodnje Podravje region.

Core activities of the institution include:

  1. promotion of development in the Spodnje Podravje region on all areas of work on a local level;
  2. establishment of a link between universities and institutes, and transfer of scientific and economic knowledge to SMEs;
  3. promotion and creation of knowledge in order to stimulate the area of human resources in the region.

SRC Bistra Ptuj wants to remain an important scientific research and development institution involved in empowering development with knowledge and excellence, in the public and private sectors.In order to successfully link science and economy, SRC Bistra Ptuj acts as a mediator for a better development of the region, based on knowledge, innovations and expertise, thus opening possibilities to create a region of innovations.

SRC Bistra Ptuj is the leading development institution and acts as a mediator between the public and the private sector. As such, Bistra will continue with the promotion of economic and social development of the region and with the creation of conditions for spreading and managing knowledge at local and regional level. Our aim is to improve development dynamics within the region.
SRC Bistra Ptuj is engaged in strengthening staff potentials and competencies of four task groups. Our activities are directed towards long-term goals of the institution.

Centre of entrepreneurship and innovations:

  • Support for local enterprises, from the business idea to realisation;
  • Simplification of bureaucratic procedures for enterprises;
  • Business counselling in the field of business planning, IP protection, funding and investing, industrial R&D, marketing and sales activities.

Project management and regional development office:

  • Management of international cooperation;
  • Supporting activities for the acquisition of financial resources from national and international funds, aimed at funding development projects.

Development centre for regional tourism:

  • Management of the Regional Destination Organization (RDO) by supporting the development and marketing of new tourist products, creation and marketing of tourist offers, and supporting the development of tourism infrastructure;
  • Due to the importance of development in tourism, our aim is to create a link between the tourism industry and the local communities, consisting of 27 municipalities and the civil sector (societies, associations, etc.).

The mission of the Local Energy Agency Spodnje Podravje is to ensure sustainable energy development of the Lower Podravje region by disseminating knowledge and experience with demonstration projects, education, promotion in order to promote investment in renewable sources and efficient energy use.

LEA Spodnje Podravje offers municipalities professional assistance in planning and implementing a sustainable energy policy on the one hand, and advice and assistance in the design, construction and reconstruction of public buildings, including public lighting on the other. LEA Spodnje Podravje pays special attention to the introduction of renewable energy sources at local levels (solar, geothermal and wind energy, biomass and biogas). The ultimate goal of the efforts is that Spodnje Podravje or. Eastern Styria is becoming a SUSTAINABLE ENERGY DEVELOPED REGION, which will make the most of its own natural and renewable energy sources, implement sustainable (low energy and passive) construction, develop sustainable transport and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to an environmentally acceptable level.

The Ptuj School Center Public Institution operates on the basis of the Institutions Act and the Education Organization and Financing Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, Nos. 12/96, 23/96 22/00), and carries out its activities in accordance with the Gymnasiums Act , The Vocational and Technical Education Act, the Higher Education Act and the Founding Decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia JZ Šolski center Ptuj (8.7.2008, pp. 01403-34 / 2008/4). The legal bases define in more detail the manner and form of financing from the budget of the Republic of Slovenia, student contributions and marketing activity. The public institute has concluded a contract on financing the activity of the public service of youth education and concluded contracts for the implementation of retraining and additional training programs for unemployed persons, adult education and the implementation of additional training programs for employees. JZ regularly obtains additional funds from tendered projects of the European Social Fund, CMEPIUS, the Ministry of Education and Sport, other ministries and tenders of the EU Commission.

Company Zerox is in Slovenia one of recognizable names in the field of assuring quality in electro installations and electro assembly in the industry. 7 years ago we also became active outside Slovenia, that is in the European union as well as in the United States of America. Motivated by our first successes we opened in 2014 in the USA company ZEROX USA LLC, and in April a branch office in Germany, ZEROX Zweigniederlassung Peitz , where we have an expert team which grows with our expanding business.

We carry out work in automotive industry, aviation industry, iron industry, food industry and electro assembly of high-rise pallet racking systems.

We are excelled by many years of experience and knowledge, besides this we always put on first place quality performance, respect to deadlines and adjustments according to customers’ needs. On our first encounter you will realise that we take our work serious, and that you and your satisfaction means the most to us. This is namely a reward for our effort and work which we invest in each project.

We place strong emphasis also on safety and health at work, the company has also obtained the SCC Certificate.

Our outstanding references say most about us

We are mostly proud when our customers spread the good word about us. We are proud of resounding references where we had the opportunity to show our knowledge and prove ourselves with our well trained and expert team. From the first step on, we are at your disposal with expert advice as we make an effort to find the best answer and solution to your question. We are at your disposal from the first step on because we truly listen to you, respect your wishes and advise you, so that you are pleased with the final result for many years on.


MP PTUJ d.o.o. was established as an engineering, assembly, plant engineering and production company in 1994. It is a privately owned company. The headquarters of the company – which has around 150 employees – is situated in Ptuj, Slovenia.

The company has established its own quality management system for the production, sales and erection of steel constructions and products for technical facilities. We provide services to globally leading suppliers of investment equipment, systems and services in the automotive, paper, metal-processing, energy and other specialized industries.

The name MP PTUJ is a synonym for recognized reliability, flexibility and quality products. On all projects, the company collaborates closely with its project partners, clients and suppliers. In doing so, project management covers the planning, coordination, quality control and steering of the project, from start to finish, thereby ensuring all our customers’ needs – such as excellent quality, functionality, timely service delivery and the avoidance of budgetary overruns – are either fulfilled or exceeded.

We are able to implement even the most demanding of industrial installation works. Our specialized staff and reliable and flexible assembly teams are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to minimize delays for our customers during the realization process.


In the world of tough competition and cost control we understand the meaning of long-term business cooperation and customer satisfaction as a never-ending challenge. Our customers’ demands such as top quality, functionality, short response times, timely delivery – and all within budget – are definitive guidelines for us for successfully completing our project orders.

We assume responsibility for:

  • Project management
  • Implementation planning
  • Cost management
  • Time management
  • Product- and assembly-work quality assurance
  • Contract administration
  • Health and safety at work
  • General procedures


  • satisfied customers
  • profit
  • satisfied coworkers and partners

The company PPS – Pekarne Ptuj, is engaged in the production of bread, bakery pastries and confectionery, and sells its products half-baked and frozen, mainly on the Slovenian market. In fact, we live in the 21st century, this is a time of high technology and the rapid advancement of information technology, where the flexibility of our company must be maximized to the environment.

But why do we adapt at all?

To make it easier to obtain the goods necessary for survival, because with them we can create the best possible quality of life and comfort that we really want.

Therefore, we are aware that we must strive to learn about new jobs, work tasks and, in short, new learning both in the business world and at home.

Ptujske Pekarne also obtained the certificate and standard ISO 9001: 2000 PPS – Pekarne Ptuj, d. d., we are very committed to working with a wide variety of schools. This is evidenced by numerous excursions to various schools, mostly primary schools, whose children are just deciding on a profession.