Žiher is a company with a long tradition. We are aware that concern for meeting the needs of the market and education and expertise of employees is in the first place, for which we have been and will continue to strive in the future. I am proud of the achievements the company has gained over the years, although the business path has not always been easy.

The beginnings of the Žiher family company date back to 1983. The result of the right business decisions is the growth and development of the company, which today, in addition to basic activities, also successfully deals with the design, construction of houses and the sale of the Tilo program.

In November 2011, we opened a new Žiher Studio in Ljubljana (Stegne Ind. Zone) for our clients – an exhibition salon of prefabricated Žiher houses and parquets, where we offer clients personal advice on construction or renovation and help make the decision appropriate and correct.

Reseda, d. o. o., is an innovative and modern company with a vision, extensive experience, tradition and clear goals, which primarily include high quality of our products and services, and the associated satisfaction of our clients and partners, who are essential for our operations and development.,

Our registered seat is at Nova vas pri Markovcih, and we strive to act for the benefit of our local and wider community. We remain focused on best results, and have years of experience and a long list of references.
Our main activities are CNC machining of metals, manufacturing and highly complex installation of metal products, design, 3D modeling and production process planning for metallurgical industry.

We work together with them when manufacturing separate components and complete assemblies, as well as when optimizing the supply chain, planning, designing, manufacturing, procuring raw materials and installing. All with the purpose of allowing them to focus on their business. We have in-depth expertise in all these areas.

We provide our clients with short response times, experience and high flexibility in finding the best solution for them. Our business partners and clients include global leaders in their industries. We provide them with short response times, experience and high flexibility in finding the best solution for them.

What does it take to become industry leader in manufacturing natural rosemary extracts with antioxidative properties, various other botanical extracts and natural colors to provide the customers with application specific custom made solutions?

For some, it´s a long and much appreciated history. For others, it means exceeding industry quality standards. And for the rest, it´s constant research and development in the manufacture of leading-edge products and progress.

Utilizing the most advanced equipment, technologies and valuable know-how, Vitiva delivers solutions and services that exceed industry standards. Vertically integrated, while respecting sustainability and environmental needs, we are involved in every step of the product creation and market life cycle, ensuring the highest quality, legislation compliance, product functionality and full pre-sale and after-sale technical support.

Our mission is to become a market leader and a globally-recognized name for supplying the highest quality natural rosemary, various other botanical extracts and natural colors, in forms that are in accordance with modern technology.

The beginnings of the family company CPMS SISTEMI d.o.o. date back to 1994, when we opened a locksmithing workshop called Ključavničarstvo Konrada Zemljariča s.p. in Zabovci, where Mr Zemljarič commenced manufacturing stainless steel equipment and steel constructions. In 2004, the company moved to a newer, bigger and more technically advanced location in the industrial zone in Markovci, where it now operates at 2500 m2 of manufacturing area.

In 2013, Konrad Zemljarič merged his company with his son’s which lead to its recapitalisation. The company’s products are mainly manufactured for the foreign market so their reach extends around the globe.

The company operates in the industry of manufacturing equipment for processing of mineral substances, and lately also in ecological technology. We have our own technical design and engineering processes, and we also manufacture and install steel constructions and processing equipment


We are a company with more than 200 years of tradition. We are engaged in the processing of several types of cereals. We grind wheat, rye, corn and buckwheat. In addition to the above, we also buy barley during the harvest, and we provide a drying service for corn during the corn harvest. With us, a peasant exchange is also possible.

From the listed raw materials, we produce various types of mill products, which you can buy in our mill store as well as at some major retailers. Delivery is also possible for larger orders. In our store you can buy some other products, such as pasta, biscuits, oils and various types of flour that we do not produce ourselves (rice, flax, hemp, kamut, oats,…).

Zone name Obrtna Cona Novi Jork
Zone size in ha 16,0
Land occupancy in % 100
Possibility of zone expansion 40000
Possibility of buying land Possible to buy
Possibility to purchasing premises Possible to buy
Option to buy or rent Possible to buy
Telephone connection Yes (optical network)
Gas connection No
Hot water connection No
Water connection Yes
Sewage management Yes
Tehnical water No
Industrial heating No
Electricity Yes
Zone distance from the motorway / expressway [km] 9
Distance from container terminal of Port Koper 245
Distance to container terminal – loading station Maribor [km] 22
Distance to container terminal – loading station Celje [km] 73
Zone intrusion into a low-flood risk area No
Zone intrusion into a high-flood risk area No
Zone intrusion into a high-risk area No
Encroachment on narrow water protection areas No
Encroachment on wider water protection areas No
Encroachment on wider protected areas No
Encroachment on narrow protected areas No
Encroachment on sites and sites of natural values No
Encroachment on NATURA 2000 sites No
Encroachment on ecologically important areas No
Encroachment on forest reserve areas No
Encroachment on protected forest areas No
Encroachment on sites of cultural heritage No
Encroachment on terrain slopes 2,26